Our Designer....

I have been creating and designing since I was a child. I feel that is was all the prelude to designing and making jewellery. My creative need has found its perfect channel, an extension of who I am and who I’ve been: fashion designer, current affairs producer, artist. I love the process of connecting to my heart, imbuing each piece with passion and hope each piece brings joy and pleasure to those wearing it.

I virtually stumbled upon making jewellery through my son Gabriel and we now work as a team. It’s become a family affair with my niece Amanda joining us about a year ago. 

Each piece is made using ethically sourced gemstones and diamonds and recycled gold, all handmade by skilled artisans in Sydney.

I live and work on the Northern Beaches, a little piece of Heaven in Sydney, where I design and create jewellery with my growing band of jewellery makers and I pinch myself every day that I found my passion and that my paradise is my muse.