Our Designer....

Without being aware of it until i was an adult, I've been creating and designing since I was a child. Then in my 30s, I stopped working when my second son was born. And it was such an intimate, extraordinary time with my total focus on this tiny creature. An opportunity I didn't have with my first son. With Gabriel my first, I was a single mother and needed to work full time to support both of us. With Joel, I was able to explore where my creative thirst would lead me. And i found it in designing jewellery. I launched Serafin Jewellery in 2017. Family members work with me, and if not family, artisans that have become dear friends. I love the process, working with my small team, the excitement that comes from realised designs. Each piece has a touch of passion imbued in its hardware. Not just mine but from everyone in our small team.  And I so hope that you feel it and that each piece brings joy and pleasure to all of you. 


All are pieces are made using ethically sourced gemstones and diamonds and recycled gold, handmade by skilled artisans in Sydney.