A Note from Us...

A Note from Us...
So… over the past few weeks, we’ve been watching our world as we know it completely change.  While this change has been both scary and filled with uncertainty… we are choosing to focus on the positive!
Here at Serafin, we have decided to temporarily close our online store. Our business is made up of many people, including stone setters, CAD designers, bench jewellers, our designer, project manager and more.  We just feel that the best way to proceed would be for all of us to self-isolate, not only for the safety of our families, but also for our communities.  Unfortunately, this means that we won’t be able to fulfil orders, particularly as our pieces are handmade and need to pass through many hands before they get to you. 
We are all doing our bit to make this virus homeless and we’ll be back online again as soon as we can!
We have been utilising this time to get back to the basics.  Our head honcho and designer, Juanita has been getting her cooking skills on, impressing all of us!  Her latest creation has been a Danish Dream Cake (Drømmekage), something that is mind boggling to someone like me, who has never successfully baked a thing! She’s also been keeping up her workouts with home Pilates sessions & is really enjoying having the time to hang out with her family.
While I am NOT a fabulous chef, I’ve been trying out some new things, but I can’t say that I’ve achieved any sort of success… as yet.  I am determined to conquer this cooking thing though!  We’ll see how it goes.  Netflix has become my best friend!  I’ve watched every true crime series known to mankind.  I’m not sure what skills this will leave me with, but if I decide to have a career change, I’m sure I’m now qualified to be a great detective!  The most productive thing I’ve been doing is sitting outside in my garden, getting that Vitamin D each day & reconnecting with meditation, something that I let slide with a busy schedule.
We’ll keep you updated and will let you know as soon as we’re able to get everything up and running again.
Take care of yourselves and each other, we all need it right now.
Amanda Bross - Project Manager

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