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NOT HEPPY JAN! _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Yesterday                                                     _________________ I realise that I could, possibly, maybe, perhaps be a touch more digitally deficient than I want or need to be. And this makes me want a glass of wine. As red and smooth as can be. And then that glass makes my brain communicate with my hand to pick up the bottle and pour another. And so it goes...I will reboot tomorrow...Juanita xo  

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25.05.18 France's reigning queen of cinema, Marion Cotillard was at the Cannes Film Festival this month for the presentation of her latest film, Angel Face. Serafin had the great honour of providing Marion with jewellery to wear for her press appearances during the festival. While in Cannes, Marion also took time out to promote her highly anticipated all female spy movie, 355.  The film features a stellar cast - Jessica Chastain, Lupita Nyong'o, Penelope Cruz and Fan Bingbing. Thanks to Marion's fabulous style team, headed by Eliott Bliss, she wore several of our pieces throughout her various press appearances. Our diamond and crescent moon necklace can be seen during Marion's interview for France Culture. Our very own Cate Blanchett led a history...

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